Chapter 24 …

let us give thanks :-)

Welcome back everyone! I spent the break from posting you gave me finishing up the next two chapters. Now I can spend this week with friends and have a really good time without having to think about the story too much. I plan on having a happy thanksgiving and I hope you do as well. By the way, I think this is the longest chapter I’ve written so far Ryan so consider that your personal thanksgiving bonus 🙂

In any event, I’ve posted Chapter 24, which is the first chapter of Part III and which you can find here, and I would like to thank a bunch of people at this time. I guess I need to start by thanking Robert Frost for the use of his poem. It is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever run across and it captures the essence of what comes next in the story really powerfully. So I would also like to thank the insightful reader who first brought this poem to my attention. I don’t know whether you are still following the story, sir, but I hope so; and I hope it hasn’t been a disappointment to you. I’ve tried to do my best.

My biggest thanks go to some people who wish to remain anonymous. They were the ones who told me the story in the first place and got me addicted to it; and they were also the ones who helped me with so many of the details that it would be ridiculous trying to point all of them out. I’ve tried really hard to get them just right, guys. If I did, it was because of you. If not, well, the blame is on me. Either way, you’ve been my inspiration throughout this story and I thank you for that.

As for those of you who are reading the story, you’ll see I’ve made some choices about what part of the story to tell next. As a storyteller, you never get to tell the whole story because stories are just slices of life and life is too big to be captured fully in words. You have to pick and choose from among a lot of interesting stuff.

At this point in our story we know a lot about Nolan and Josh. We know they are in love and are headed off to college together; and as I’m sure you can well imagine, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if their time together in college turned out to be pretty exciting in lots of ways. On the other hand, we know less about Tommy. I mean, yeah, sure, we know some bad things have happened to him. But we don’t know exactly how all of this came about or where it’s headed.

I chose to focus on what I thought was most important. Whether you agree or disagree, I hope you’ll enjoy the chapter. And don’t forget to leave a comment to tell me what you think or to ask any questions you have. If you have questions and I can answer them without giving away too much, I will.


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