Final posting schedule for November & December …

back next week

I want thank everyone who commented on the proposed posting schedule for November and December. I decided not to respond to individual comments since I thought that might discourage others from posting. But I did appreciate each of your comments and some of them even made me wonder.

For example, I initially wondered whether Joel would get his copy of Skyrim. Now I wonder if he’ll even come back to read the next chapter of the story at all since it looks like he’s addicted to that game 🙂

I wondered where exactly Dexter will be disappearing to next month, but finally decided he shouldn’t say so the whole thing will remain a bit of a mystery. That way he can surprise us when he gets back.

I wondered exactly how longggggggggggg the next chapter would have to be to satisfy Ryan. It looks pretty long to me, but size tends to be in the eyes of the beholder.

Kit slaps himself! I don’t believe you said that, you doofus 🙂

I wondered exactly where Nicky is from since it seems to be someplace where the lifestyle is much more relaxed than here in America. Don’t tease me like that, Nicky! I want to know where that is so I can visit real soon.

And I wondered how I came to deserve all of the rest of you who commented and are willing to cut me a break at the holidays.

So thanks again to everyone for commenting. To sum things up briefly, I will not be posting a new chapter of the story this week (November 14th) or the week of December 19th. Other than that, I’ll continue to try posting one chapter a week until we reach the end of the story. Thanks for your patience and for your encouragement and support.

I will have some blog postings going up on Tuesday and Wednesday that I found interesting; and I may or may not have a posting about Part III on Thursday. I’ve gradually been coming to the conclusion that I should just let the story speak for itself rather than trying to explain in advance some of the choices I made.

At the same time, I know people may have questions about various things and I wonder whether I need to find some way to deal with that better. For now I’ll just say that you should feel free to post any questions you have as they arise chapter by chapter. If I can answer them without giving away too much, I’ll certainly be happy to do so. Or you can always e-mail me directly as well.

In any event, be sure to come back next week for Chapter 24. However long it may be, I think it will be an emotionally powerful one that will keep Ryan and the rest of you interested.


4 thoughts on “Final posting schedule for November & December …

  1. It’s kind of weird to see myself referenced in a blog post.

    Yes, I did get Skyrim, but never fear – I will most certainly return for each new chapter. I’m looking forward to Part III.

    …though I am addicted to Skyrim. Thankfully a job and other things (like reading your story!) keep me from playing 24/7.

  2. Joel, you’re back 🙂

    Everyone is addicted to something, Joel, though I can think of things it’s a lot more fun to be addicted to.

    I can think of them. I just can’t post about them 🙂

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