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I’ve been posting a new chapter every week without a break for almost six months now, sometimes even when I was away. So I think you know this story is important to me. I spend a lot of time each week trying to make sure that it measures up to my standards, and also trying to make sure it will be interesting to you and keep you engaged as a reader.

I also spend a lot of time trying to come up with postings for the blog that I think you’ll find interesting or should think about (although I have to say there haven’t been many comments over there lately and that’s a little discouraging). Okay, so I’m whining about not being loved enough. It’s my blog so I get to do stuff like that 🙂

However that may be, I would like to spend Thanksgiving (November 21-27) and Christmas (December 19-26) with loved ones, not working on the story as intensely as I do most weeks. The question is how I can do that with the least possible disruption to the story for you. The truth is that some places in the story are better suited to a break than others.

For example, having just finished up Part II, this is a much more logical place in the story to take a break than Thanksgiving week itself would be. If I take a break from posting now, I’ll be able to get two chapters written up and finalized for you, which I can then post on November 21st and November 28th without feeling I’ve shortchanged you in any way. Similarly, if I take a break after posting on December 12, I would be able to get another two chapters written up that I could post on December 26 and January 2.

In short, I am thinking of not posting a chapter the week of November 14 and the week of December 19 as well. Instead of a chapter every week, you would have to wait two weeks for a new chapter twice during the next two months. I realize that may be hard for the more impatient among you, but it could also be a positive thing as well. You would have time to read the whole story from the beginning again 🙂

If you have a better idea or an enticing bribe feel free to let me know, either by commenting here or sending me an e-mail. I’ll be happy to consider some other alternative or even to drop the whole idea if I get get a lot of push back from you. But we’re getting into that time of year when spending time with friends and family is really the most important thing for all of us, including you. And, yes, I do consider most of you who have commented or been in touch with me to be friends so I apologize for this.

In any event, be honest in letting me know how you feel. Based on what I hear between now and Sunday, I’ll let you know what I’ve decided to do and finalize the posting schedule on Monday.


16 thoughts on “Posting schedule …

  1. You are the author and if you need to be with family, be with them. You are communicating with your readers, and if someone is upsetwith this, then I feel they are being selfish. If we miss a week of posting, we will survive. Family is important, be with them and Happy Holidays.


  2. You take the break and do what you need to do. I don’t think you should even have to ask. I love authors who do not leave a cliffhanger on the chapter before they leave on a brake. I think if you wanted to take a break now and not pick up until the 28th or You may want to take a break from now until the New Year. I have been through authors who do that. They finish a part or book or whatever you want to call them and they take long breaks in between them. It is what you want, not us the readers. If they enjoy the story they will come back.

    As far as the blog stories, I think you should post them as you do your main story. I would not seperate them. If they see the story on your Main Page, they would most likely read it.
    Thanks for all you do and for the great work and great story.

  3. It will certainly be a test of patience to wait the extra week but I for one would sooner know that you have an opportunity to be with your loved ones on those special occasions. Perhaps this will force some of the impatient readers to spend some quality time with their lved ones as well.

  4. I love the story and love the fact that you are so considerate and thoughtful to even ask this question! I am happy whenever an update occurs and would be even happier knowing that you are enjoying festivities/ a rest!
    In short, whatever you decide is more than brilliant for me and I am sure, most of your readers. I send best wishes and grateful thanks.

  5. I wouldn’t be upset if you enjoyed some time off and I’m sure no one else would either. Most bloggers don’t even have the courtesy of sticking to a schedule so that’s appreciated.

    Plus I’m going to disappear for a while. New video game comes out tomorrow and yeah I’m a super nerd. Then during the month of December I’ll be far from American internet and do not wish to pay extra while travelling. Will miss you guys of course.

    Oh and we are definitely friends “home of Kitkatkid and his friends” see? I should comment more, don’t know what’s wrong with me.

  6. Ok, i’m going to be the selfish one ha ha since no one else is willing to be but i’m young and impatient and addicted and i need to know what’s going to happen next right away. cuz everyone knows teen boys have no self-control … ha ha ha! i can’t wait 2 or 3 weeks like old people, sir, whoever you are 🙂

    Plz! no breaks. and the rest of you dudes, stop encouraging him!!!! besides, I’m cuter than they are so my vote should count for more 🙂

    But if you ignore me like OLD people always do then at least make the next chapter a good one. And long! REALLY longggggggggggg! and thanks for the story. it’s good, really good. and by the way i want to be tommy’s bf … or gf ha ha whatever he wants …I would be perfect for him.

  7. Temporarily ceasing my lurking to say that I hope you enjoy your break. Patience is a virtue, so all the readers can practice it. =)

    @Dexter: If you’re talking about Skyrim, I’m right there with ya’. I’m going with some friends to get my copy tonight during the midnight release.

    1. You know it. I just wrapped up a final play of Oblivion too. Stat maxed level 30 without killing a single creature or finishing a quest- just to prove how obsessive I am. Already paid for Skyrim but I have a job so wont be playing until tomorrow night. I’m rather jealous now. I’ve played obsessively since Morrowind.. it’s becoming ridiculous. You should lurk less and keep me posted on Skyrim so we can compare. Ha okay I’m a nerd.

      1. I feel like we’re veering way off subject of this blog post, but… I wanted to follow up on this side conversation. =)

        I never actually finished Oblivion (I bought it during summer 2010). In fact, I hardly got anywhere in the main quest line. It was most definitely fun, but then I got pulled away by other games and never quite made it back to finish things.

        Skyrim, though, has been pretty awesome. I can definitely see myself playing this for quite some time and getting to an “end” (whatever that is) of the main plot-related quests. I also really like the changes from Oblivion, and don’t at this point have a complaint about anything. I read what other people post online elsewhere and some people have gripes about various things. Eh, we’re all different. (Especially the UI – it seems there are a lot of PC gamers complaining that the UI is “horrible” for being a port from the console versions, but I love it. Once I got used to it, I’ve found that I can do close to everything with just my left hand on the keyboard with mostly easy key reaches.)

        Also, I found out what was supposed to happen had I finished the main quests in Oblivion. I found a handy book on the “Oblivion Crisis” in Skyrim that filled me in on everything I didn’t actually do. =)

  8. I, too, have been terribly remiss in not continuing to be supportive of your work with the story. Please be sure I haven’t missed reading an episode. The end of part II is a reasonable place to take a break. Spending time with, and enjoying, your “real world” family is, IMNHO, more important that spending it with KitKat friends

  9. You are obviously totally invested in both the story and our enjoyment of it. Your plan sounds like a great way to serve the story and retain your family holiday time. I’d say thank you for what you give us, have a great holiday season, and GO FOR IT!!!

    Tom – Little Rock

  10. What you plan sounds fine. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Enjoy your holidays.

    I like the fact that someone in hyperactive America actually takes a real holiday

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.


  11. Its understandable that you’d want to spend sometime with your loved ones.
    I for one, do not mind to have to wait 2 weeks for the next postings.

    This story has me hooked from the very beginning. I will wait for when you come up with the next chapter.

  12. If taking breaks means we get twice as many chapters at once, awesome! In any event take all the breaks you need so long as they aren’t like a month long. I’m really enjoying this series and wouldn’t want to see you get burnt out.

    Happy Holidays 🙂

  13. Thank you for this fine piece of work!!!! As i was driving thru Vermont last Thursday it made think about your story. As for the updates I wish many authors would have a weekly posting schedule. So waiting for 2 weeks won’t cause a hardship.

    Thanks again,


  14. It’s fine for me 🙂 It’s not like you’re the only one who’s going to spend time with their loved ones right? Take a break! You’ve been posting intense chapters every week so you have enough reason to do so. :> Have fun and happy holidays!

    PS. Reading from the start makes me remember the good ol’ days of Nolan and Joshua. I clearly saw how the feel of the story changed over the past chapters. They’ve matured. Awesome. 🙂

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