Anti-gay is not okay …

Essex High rally

I’ve talked about bullying on this blog before and most of those discussions have focused on communities and school officials who don’t seem to care. But here is a positive story out of Essex, Vermont, where students at the local high school organized an all-day sit-in last week to support an openly bisexual teen, Cole Peterson, who was punched in the face by a fellow student at a nearby park but not seriously injured.

Local television station WCAX reports that about 300 Essex High School students participated in workshops addressing bullying, carrying placards and posters to show their support and sharing their own stories of being bullied in the classroom. Importantly, school administrators, including the principal, were supportive of the effort; and others in the community rallied behind it as well, demonstrating outside of the school.

Peterson, a freshman at the school, is quoted as saying: “I feel really loved and cared for, and I feel like we can make a difference with this, and I really hope that we can change something.”

You can read more about this here, here, and here. The videos of these kids in action are terrific.

Congratulations to students at Essex High for standing up and taking a stand against bullying. You’ve set a terrific example for students elsewhere.

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