Jesus made me do it …

or is bigotry the sin?

That sign up above will provide all the rationale you need to bully gay kids in Michigan if a Republican-backed proposal becomes law in that state. Astonishingly, a bill originally intended to protect kids from bullying in school was modified by Senate Republicans to protect school bullies instead of those they victimize.

The way it does this is by permitting students, teachers, and other school employees to claim that “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction” justifies their bullying.

George Orwell would no doubt be proud of this crew.

“You may be able to pat yourselves on the back today and say that you did something, but in actuality you are explicitly outlining how to get away with bullying,” said Senator Gretchen Whitmer. “As passed today, bullying kids is okay if a student, parent, teacher or school employee can come up with a moral or religious reason for doing it.”

Take less than three minutes to listen to what this proposal actually does. And read more about the proposal here.

It seems that stuff like this happens every day all over the country and people claim they didn’t know. Now you know.

Oh, and great job, dudes! NOT!


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