Choose your poison wisely …

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choose your moron wisely :-)

I have little confidence in the capacity of the American political system to deliver needed change on a timely basis in the foreseeable future for anyone other than the rich and the powerful, who own the system lock, stock and barrel. All you have to do is to take a look at the U.S. Congress these days to see how dysfunctional the system is or at decisions like Citizens United to see just how attuned the courts are to large corporations and special interests that have little or no commitment to the common good.

I have even less confidence in the candidates running for President. Most oppose initiatives important to the LGBT community. Even those that talk a good line have invested little time or energy working to address the bigotry and prejudice members of our community face. The disconnect between what they say and what they do is startling on other issues, large and small. Not content with their own views, still others insist on inventing their own facts as well on things like evolution and global climate change in an effort to woo the moron vote.

Whether you agree or disagree with me isn’t that important, but it is important to know where candidates stand on a range of issues. The chart I’ve reproduced above highlights where candidates stand on a range of issues important to the LGBT community. These are not the only issues you need to think about, of course. There are many others. But the chart is a starting point. Keep in mind that it’s subject to change as candidates shift their positions. You can always find the latest version here.


2 thoughts on “Choose your poison wisely …

  1. Well, Kit, after all this work on the story so far, a break is certainly merited. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are surrounded by those you care for and care for you. I hope you have someone special in your life to hold extra close during the Holiday season. Thank you again for your wonderful work.
    George K.

  2. I appreciate the comments, George, and I hope your Thanksgiving is terrific as well. Whether special or not, there are tons of people in need of a good hug, especially around the holidays. Thanks for the hug you gave me. Now go out and find 99 more 🙂

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