Happy Halloween everyone :-)

So I realized at the last minute I needed a Halloween posting; and yeah, sure, as Halloween postings go, this one is pretty lame. The thing is, I’ve been too busy celebrating Halloween this week to come up with anything creative or original. You’re just going to have settle for this instead.

Where I live, Halloween is a lot more than the actual day itself. It’s a week of fun and festivities, one of my favorite times of the year and I think that’s true for most folks who are gay. Traditionally, Halloween week kicks off here with the annual Dupont High Heel Race, a colorful display that pits some of our finest drag queens and wannabees in a race (or something resembling a race) wearing high heels.

Sounds easy? Let me tell you something folks. It ain’t easy at all. The heels have to be a minimum of two inches and the reward for winning is almost as lame as this posting, a glass slipper filled with brandy. The race is now in its 25th year. This year, as always, it attracted a large, enthusiastic, crowd on a fine Tuesday evening.

The winner? Well I think all of the participants were winners, but I did have a personal favorite as usual. Great legs! Hot pants! And I can’t even begin to describe that, um, whatever. Want to see her? I know drag queens are out of fashion these days in some parts of the gay community, but I’m feeling politically incorrect right about now so be still my beating heart and enjoy 🙂

The festivities continued on Saturday with AIDS Walk. It was cold and it was rainy and parts of the region actually experienced some serious snow so all of that had an effect on participation. I’ve seen larger crowds and more skin in the past, but the cause is so fine and the people participating so undaunted that a good time was had by all.

As of the moment I’m writing this, the walk had raised $898,057 toward a goal of $1 million for the Whitman Walker Clinic, which has been at the forefront of the fight against AIDS in Washington before almost anyone was fighting at all. Since fundraising continues until the end of the year, the event is expected to reach its goal.

By the way, you can find an AIDS Walk near you. It’s a terrific cause and you’ll have a fine time so feel free to come out and join in even if you’ve never actually done a walk before.

Monday evening the festivities come to an end, of course. I don’t know about you, but personally I plan to treat a trick. Um, or maybe trick a treat? Oh, well, who knows, but you get the general idea 🙂

Of course, I’m supposed to be posting another chapter Monday evening as well and how appropriate is that? We still have our own little monster running around and I’m sure everyone wants to know what’s going to happen to Coach. I won’t say whether you’ll find out or not, but every chapter moves us closer to a resolution.

I think I’m going to try posting the chapter remotely from an unknown location. It isn’t exactly the White House, but there will be lots of foolishness and fun with friends nonetheless. I’m not anticipating any problems posting remotely. This post is actually kind of a test run. But if the post doesn’t get up Monday night around the usual time, hold your horses. I’ll get it up some time on Tuesday.

So that’s it for this posting. Hope all you ghosts and goblins out there have fun tomorrow evening as well. It’s definitely the night for a sugar high so feel free to indulge yourself.

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