I exist …

Earlier this year I posted here and here about legislation California had passed requiring that the contributions of gays and lesbians be taught in public schools. While a major step forward, the law was immediately targeted for repeal by right-wing hate groups.

I’m happy to report that their efforts to overturn the law through a statewide referendum failed when they were unsuccessful in collecting enough signatures to place their repeal proposal on the ballot.

It’s likely that these groups will still try to defeat those who supported the legislation in the next statewide elections; and we can also expect further controversy as the proposal begins to be implemented beginning next year.

Still, it’s a major step forward and well worth celebrating. Have a piece of cake or whatever turns you on 🙂


4 thoughts on “I exist …

  1. You know what is funny? I came on here yesterday and read this and wanted to post a simple “not enough people, haha” but I felt like that wasn’t really enough. Weird I know. But I applaud Tom for being a total badass and speaking his mind when I couldn’t.

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