No H8 …

no hate!

If you needed to be reminded just how little has changed in some places in the United States, this article should do the trick for you.

A school system that has decided it should remain neutral in “matters regarding sexual orientation” is a school system controlled by a right-wing noise machine cloaking bigotry, hatred and violence under the banner of Christian values.

Eight suicides in 2 years? This is a school system that has failed and whose leaders ought, at the very least, to be fired!


7 thoughts on “No H8 …

    1. I wouldn’t know, but I assume so. It’s not like this is the first story about the problem in that school district.

      I’m hoping the Federal investigation leads to something, but you have to wonder how many more kids will need to kill themselves before the Feds stop investigating and start acting. For all we know, Michele could be President by the time (In)justice Department finishes up its investigation and then they’ll have to come down on the side of the bullies. Um, sorry, I meant the Christian side.

  1. I grew up in a strict Christian family, and I was also openly gay with my school mates. I know it can be tough, very tough at times. I completely support those who stand apart amidst the social terror of society today. What pisses me off though, is that they can’t just see it as bullying. No they have to give an excuse for the bullies.

    Do they tell the fat kid to lose weight so he wont be made fun of?
    Do they advise the kid with braces to just stop smiling?
    Do they tell the nerdy ones to just pretend to be mediocre?
    How about the goths and emos? Make them stop wearing black clothes and makeup?
    Make those of other ethnic races change their skin color?

    No they don’t.

    So why do these groups call it a gay agenda? Why do they single the gay kid out and say “hey it’s your own fault!”?

    It’s the epitome of hatred and ignorance. It shouldn’t be tolerated.

    Sick of stupidity. I’m saving my money. Dex for President 2016. Wait, tired of democracy too. Dex for Emperor 2016. Buy your bumper stickers now.

    1. I would like to add, I’ve lost several friends to suicide- including a boyfriend. Suicide is serious, and as my favorite song lyrics say “open wrists talk back again, in the wounding of it’s skin, they pinprick the witness in ritual contrition” meaning, it affects everyone long after the death. It’s hard to deal with.

      Anyone who is ever in that lowest of lows needs to reach out to family and friends. You’ll find that it’s not worth it. And if you don’t have loved ones, there are plenty who suffer who are willing to help. Just don’t do it please…

  2. Anoka, Minnesota is, I’m not very proud to say is my hometown – or at least where I grew up – actually born in Minneapolis… I haven’t been back for more years than you’ve probably been alive.

    l..I digress… Anoka was back then a small community on the fringes of the “big city”, everyone knew everyone else and too many made it their business to mind everyone else’s business. As I understand it, it has now transformed into a bedroom community – unfortunately that small-minded atmosphere has obviously not changed. The southeren bible belt has absolutely nothing on the midwestern bible belt. Small minded people terribly afraid of everything they don’t understand that hasn’t been explained for them by some bible thumping preacher with his own interpretation of that book.

    Were there gay kids back then – of course – but not a single one had the nerve to display anything that would single them out. Did some of my classmates suspect? I’m sure they did but with nothing overt and not responding to not so subtle bullying attempts we (at least those few I knew) supported each other and managed to survive. I left 3 months after graduating from high school and never looked back. Most of us moved on and have led reasonably happy and successful adult lives. The world was, and still is, a very large and frequently wonderful place to explore courtesy of Uncle Sam (that’s another story).

    I find it beyond sad that these kids just don’t get that there really is life after high school and one medium size town in a much less than understanding/ accepting part of that state. Will the feds step in and actually do something – I’m not holding my breath waiting to read that they have. Will the state do something – possibly if someone thinks it might cost them fed dollars not to. Will the school district do something to address the issue? No – not until they are beaten over the head with a large club. Can these kids successfully “stand up” to the bullies? I don’t think they can or are willing to – they know it only becomes less overt and more and more covert. Hell even the adults who get it aren’t willing to put their reputations/jobs on the line – they live there and the community just won’t accept it.

    Unless you live in or come from one of these small shitty towns you can’t understand the mentality. If that’s defeatist – well perhaps – but it’s the right battle in the wrong place.

    1. Interesting post, Lee, very interesting.

      Apparently there are some people and families in that town trying to fight back. If nothing else, they deserve our support. And since most people don’t like being the object of scorn, the more light shed on places like Anoka, the better. Perhaps they’ll feel some of the shame you do in telling others it’s your hometown. Oh, sure, there will always be some convinced they are doing the work of their god, a small, mean-spirited, hateful god that is a perfect match for them. So things will never be perfect. Still, I’m convinced they can be better if people are willing to push back.

      All you have to do to convince yourself is to look at that picture up above.

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