Part II and beyond …

I had written a long post about the story that I planned to share with you at the end of Part I. In fact, I’ve written and rewritten that posting several times. But I’ve decided not to put it up for now.

I’m going to let the story speak for itself. To be honest, that scares me because I think I may have created expectations about it that I can’t really fulfill. I’ve even thought of ending the story right here for that reason.

Look, I’m aware many of you like this story because it’s sweet and innocent and tender and even funny at times. You like Nolan and Josh and you should. They’re terrific boys. But they’re not the only characters in the story, perhaps just the ones you’ll end up liking best.

So let me be honest with you. The story is going to start moving in another direction in Part II. In that sense, Part II represents a transition to something different. Where we’re headed is toward a story that is not as sweet and innocent, not as tender and funny.

It won’t happen all at once and Nolan and Josh will still be there for a lot of it. But their innocent summer alone together is over. Life moves on and the adult world will begin pressing in.

I hope you’ll like the rest of the story as much as you liked Part I. But no one can guarantee you will, certainly not me, and I have my doubts. If you like to read stories as an escape from some of the less pleasant realities of every day life, you may want to think about stopping here because Part I was originally conceived as a standalone story and can still be read that way.

Like I said, I hope the story will still be worth your time and effort. I’ve put a lot of time, effort and thought into it myself, but I know everyone won’t agree with where I’m taking it or the messages I’m trying to convey. But I have to tell the story the way it was told to me.

Will it have a happy ending you may ask? I wish I could answer that question easily, but I can’t. It’s complicated. But I will say this.

I love my characters as much as you do and I’ve tried to do the best I could by them. If you decide to keep reading, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether I succeed.


11 thoughts on “Part II and beyond …

  1. Twas me.

    Sorry I was turning mad at my email.

    And I’d just like to say, I’m in for the long hall with the book. Bad and good. It’s emotionally relevant. I’m sure everyone else can agree. So fret not, write freely.

  2. Be assured we’ll give you all the credit you deserve. We may or may not like where it takes us, and we surely know life can be a bitch.

    All I hope is that whatever happens to those guys we fell for in part one they keep their caring characters. Whether their relationship succeeds, whether they end up at the same college, whether it takes trials and tribulations for them separatig and getting back together – or not, whether they stay in the closet for so much longer and how their setting eventually reacts to their true feelings – as long as it continues to be as authentic to their very characters as you’ve introduced them in part one you can’t do any wrong.

    Yours, Iker

  3. Hi!
    my name is alfa from Indonesia. I just want to say that i’d really love your story.. i can’t wait for some other stories.. i m your big fans!
    thanks for the nice story!

    “love is just like a light, brighten up the day and brighten up our life :)”

    1. Wow! Thanks for writing, alfa. I knew I had some readers from England, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Canada, and (I think) Australia. To have someone reading the story in Indonesia is way beyond awesome 🙂

      Can I ask which island?

      It’s just amazing to me that the story can have so much meaning for people so far away from the United States. Again, thanks for writing. I loved that quote by the way!

      1. Hi again KKK (Kitkatkid) hehhee…
        thank you for the reply. wow..! i couldn’t believe my eyes at first.. but here you are, give me the reply :). i live in Bogor, one of the nearest cities from Jakarta (Indonesia’s capital) in Java Island. i love every words of your stories and i found that your story is “polite” enough to read, not so many cursing words… since i came from a non-English speaking- country, your story is a good one for me to learn English (sorry for my broken English tho) hehehhe… If you have a plan to make a mailing list or some kind of group, please add my email 🙂 i want to be part of of it. Thank you again and thank you for liking my quote, that came from myself 🙂

      2. Nice to hear from you again, alfa. Your English is certainly a lot better than my Indonesian 🙂

        I don’t have a mailing list, but you can sign up by clicking on the Subscribe button up there on the left where it says Sign me up! That way you’ll get an e-mail notifying you whenever I post something new on the blog.

        I hope the story doesn’t become too impolite in the future, but I’m glad to know this blog serves at least one useful purpose in helping you to improve your English 🙂

  4. “Connected” held my interest from its initial lines; partly because I am a flatlander who has made his home in Vermont in the Rutland area. However, it is your unflinching portrayal of gay teenage angst which gripped me. I’m only sorry your story was not available to me fifty years ago. It would surely have made a difference. Sad to say, I have never experienced anything as wonderful.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chuck. I think you’re the first Vermonter to actually speak up; and you even went real easy on me considering how hard I’ve been on your state at times. I hope I haven’t turned off any others with my portrayal of Vermont. It’s a beautiful state with terrific people and I’m a little sorry that Josh seems determined to escape it so much. The plot may require that, but I know it’s not really fair given how progressive the state is in so many ways. And just so no one gets the wrong impression, I love Vermont! All of it! Even the Northeast Kingdom 🙂

      On a more serious note, I’m sure things must have been a lot tougher fifty years ago, Chuck. In some places, they’re still tough. But things are getting better every day and there is no reason to let time pass you by. If you try to be a loving person every day … generous, kind, understanding, and more … you’ll find that attracts love in return.

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