Blech …

So yeah, sure, I know. It must seem like I’m being really lazy when it comes to this blog. But like I mentioned before, it’s summer, it’s hot and humid, and, on top of all that, I’m trying to lead a real life too.

Plus you’re wrong. I’m working real hard on the next three chapters. But do any of you care? No! I have to do all the heavy lifting in this relationship. No pun intended. And if any of you think these next three chapters are easy to write, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong! It seems like the innocent summer the boys are enjoying is about to crash headlong into the world of adults. Do you wonder how they’ll react? Good! You can just keep wondering then 🙂

Because what I wonder about most of all is whether I’ll be able to capture any of this very well. And right now I’m not real optimistic.


Okay. You can go back to ignoring me now, but I sure hope my date tonight shows more signs of life than you guys 🙂


10 thoughts on “Blech …

    1. Oh, crap, now I have to apologize!

      Mumbles something. Reaches for some words.

      Blah, blah, blah, sorry, Tom, blah, blah, blah

      Got to run, babe. Can’t keep my sweetie waiting 🙂

  1. Hey! Some of us don’t ignore you! On the contrary, some of us eagerly await anything from you 🙂
    Enjoy the summer and the sweetie, I, at least, will still be here..

  2. Five, but who’s counting?
    Don’t sell yourself short, you’re doing a great job. And by the way, if you’ve got an audience of only one that means it was all worth it. …er? Maybe. 😉

    1. Tried to send a longer response to this (and your other comment over at the Annex) via the e-mail address you gave, David, but it was undeliverable. In any event, thanks for the compliment. It’s appreciated.

  3. KKK – I’ve only just discovered you today on Nifty, and I’ve already read all 9 chapters there… Today! So I’m addicted and greedily looking for more. The adolescent sensitivities you so tenderly capture in “Innocence Aroused” reminds me of some lovely experiences I had in my teens.

    Enjoy your break. I’ll get by on chapters 10 – 12 while you’re gone. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in on this project. It sends the right messages to young gay boys.

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