Back …

I’m back for better or worse and Chapter 6 is up. You can access it here. I’ll probably have a topical post that’s relevant to Chapter 6 sometime later in the week when I catch up on stuff.


7 thoughts on “Back …

  1. Welcome back. Glad to see you around again. I thought I’d have time to read and comment, but life is catching up to me this week. Just wanted to say hi. And maybe I can stay up a little later and read but no promises.

    1. Be assured there will be more, Dean. So much more you’ll probably be pleading less, less, less soon enough 🙂

      But I’m glad you’re liking it for now. Are you really English?

  2. Yes I am English, although I now live in the Isle of Man. I really do enjoy the story and particularly like it being in PDF format also. Once again, many thanks and long may you an the story go on entertaining people 🙂

    1. Amazing how dumb I am. I’d never heard of the Isle of Man. But I looked it up on Wikipedia and was really surprised by what I learned. I’m not sure whether I would like living there though. There are times when I like small and quiet. But usually I like big and noisy. Plus I don’t think boiled potatoes and herring would do it for me 🙂

  3. I don’t like herring either! It’s not that quiet here, just beautiful (quiet, except for the Seagulls screeling all day!).
    There is always the TT to make it noisier though…all those mad people hurtling around our roads at stupid MPH!

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