Posting schedule and other stuff …

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to the polls. The response wasn’t large enough to draw any real conclusions, but it was definitely a nice surprise to find out I’ve had at least one visitor from Australia and two from Europe. I know there is a lot of Americana in the story, but hopefully a lot of things in the story can resonate with people regardless of wherever they live.

But I definitely got the message so we won’t be doing any more polls 🙂

I was out a little late tonight, which is why I am posting late. But Chapter 4 is up now and I hope you enjoy it. But before you run off, listen up. I find myself in the same position as Nolan. I have to be away later this week against my wishes and I won’t have access to my computer or the internet. Fortunately, I won’t be away as long as Nolan, but I’m not really sure when I’ll be able to post a new chapter next week. So here’s the plan.

I’m posting Chapter 4 tonight and you can access it here. And I am going to post Chapter 5 at some point on Thursday before I leave. I’ll also have another topical post on Wednesday.

When I do get back, which could be next Monday or Tuesday, I’ll try to post Chapter 6 as quickly as possible. Whether it’ll be Monday night, Tuesday or possibly Wednesday is impossible to say. But I can say things are going to start getting just a bit more intense starting with Chapter 6. Not sexually intense necessarily. Just more intense. Maybe I’ll have more to say about that when I get back or maybe I’ll just keep you guessing.

Being away, I won’t be around to moderate any comments new posters might have. But people who have previously commented will be able to comment without me being present. And while I’m not holding my breath expecting a lot of new comments based on past performance, don’t be shy if you have something to say because I’ll get around to approving them once I get back.

That’s the deal for the next week. So be nice and don’t make a mess of the joint in my absence 🙂


3 thoughts on “Posting schedule and other stuff …

  1. I’ll keep this place in line. Shoes off the carpet ladies.

    Okay I’ll miss you but I’m looking forward to reading. Thanks for posting a new chapter early!

    1. Rolls eyes.

      Note to self: Lock up the booze before you leave.

      Thanks, Dex. I’m counting on you.

      Note to self: Also make sure to check the fire insurance.

      I have the extra chapter done because I deluded myself into believing fifty people might actually fill out the polls and wanted to be prepared if they did 🙂

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