Two questions …

Like I mention below, I am going to be doing a special posting on Friday. But before I do, I could use your help in better understanding the audience that is reading this story. Although I realize the audience is not very large, it would be interesting to know a little more about you. So I’ve created two poll questions below that would help me do that.

The first asks where you’re visiting from. Right now I am assuming that almost everyone reading the story is from the United States. It’s not that important, of course, but it would be interesting to know whether I am right about that. The second question asks your age. I don’t really care what your age is as long as you’re enjoying the story. But I’m assuming right now that the audience is mostly older, not younger. Again, it would be interesting to know if I am right about that.

Oh, what the hell, I’m not above a little bribery, guys 🙂 If I can get 50 people to respond to each of these questions before next Tuesday, I’ll post Chapter 4 as a bonus. But you have to play fair. No answering the questions multiple times. It’s okay to get your friends to respond from their computers, but we’re talking one entry per person. And, yeah, I know, I’ve set the bar pretty high considering how many people responded to the last poll. But I’ll have to work really hard to get the next chapter up early so you have to make it worth my effort to get off my rear end.

I may ask one other question in my posting on Friday. But for now your willingness to help by answering these questions would be appreciated. Please be assured that answering these questions does not reveal any personal information about you beyond what you would be voluntarily providing. While I wrote the questions, the only thing I see if you answer is exactly the same as what you see, namely, the results, nothing more. And thanks for your help.

Well I need to add a late correction here. It appears that I can see whatever you enter if you use that Other category in the first question, but other people will only be aware that you selected Other, not what you actually filled in. So far we only have one person who selected that and he indicated that he was from Texas. I’m assuming it was a he, of course, but the poll doesn’t tell me that. In any event, I’ll try to let people know what specific countries or states are mentioned when the poll finishes up.


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