Back home again …

It was a busy weekend for me, but I just know the place will be mobbed tonight with all my friends 🙂

Pushes open the door. Looks around the joint. Wonders where everyone is. Sighs.

Oh, well, never mind then. Chapter 3 is up and I hope you enjoy it. But before you start reading, set the right mood with this brief audio/video clip. (But be sure to turn down the speakers if you need to).

And be sure to let me know what you think by posting a comment following the chapter or sending me an e-mail.


2 thoughts on “Back home again …

  1. For all that matters, I’m here. Not knocking down the door. I’ll read the chapter but I’ve been drinking so don’t take any comments from me to heart. It’s been the longest of days.

    Off to read this epic!

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