A final clip …

I was looking at some of those clips I posted and it occurred to me that the ones of the Beach Boys show them when they’re older. So I’m going to post this one to balance that off. At this stage of their career they were already a success and working hard to cement that success. As you’ll see, they were also eating and drinking a lot less 🙂 By the way, the dude doing the introductions is Mike Love.

So, yeah, okay, enough of these old dudes. If we do any more music clips, I’ll try to find some more current musicians. Have a personal favorite and a link to one of their songs on the net? Send it to me and I’ll try to use it if I can find a point in the story where it would be appropriate. Songs filled with lots of pain and longing probably work best.


One thought on “A final clip …

  1. Pain and longing? Nearly anything popular by Pink Floyd during the 80’s can cover that. Wait those are old dudes too. Can’t think of anything new. Unfortunately when it comes to any sort of streaming music or videos, I can’t help you there.

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