Monday, Monday …

Yawns. Scratches body parts in need of scratching. Rolls out of bed and turns on the computer. Heads for the Café and opens the joint up.

Man, this place is a mess. I need to stop throwing these wild html parties 🙂

Drums fingers on desktop. Decides to checks poll results. Mutters something about not feeling the love.

I wonder whether I would get more participation if I made the next poll about how much sex to put in the story?

With this crowd of lurkers? Probably not.

Types message to the three people in the universe known to be reading the story. Oh, yeah, make that two if Tom’s server is down. I may try to put up Chapter 2 at some point this evening. Assuming my head stops throbbing by then, of course 🙂

In the meantime, keep yourself appropriately entertained. And turn down those damn speakers before clicking on that link for crying out loud! Who needs all that racket at this hour of the morning.


8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday …

  1. aw, go ahead and put more sex in the story, i’m sure you’ll get more response. they got the cable fixed today and i’ve downloaded to my kindle, so i’m looking forward to my reading period to enjoy your first chapter. don’t be impatient, being famous takes time and money! lol, tom.

  2. To be honest, reading about sex makes me uncomfortable unless it’s described in a way that is full of love and compassion. So I could care less about the sex involved or lack thereof, what I like when I read is the pure emotion put into the characters and the way they are in conflict with their feelings. This is what entertains me. I want to experience the way they feel and how they make their thoughts a reality.

    And I’m no lurker. So far I’ve loved this blog though. You don’t whore it out, you ask for input and you care about what goes in here. Salute to you and your proper blog.

    1. You’re one of the three readers I was referring to, Dexter, so your’re definitely not a lurker.

      And there’s nothing wrong with lurking in any event, at least as far as I’m concerned. Sure, it’s nice to have feedback on how I’m doing, but everyone is different and I respect that.

      In any event, thanks for the nice compliment about the blog. I appreciate it.

      I’m going to try to post something more serious later in the week about the difficulties in writing about sex. It won’t provide any answers, but perhaps it will encourage more discussion.

  3. Oh I see. You’ll have to forgive my brashness, I tend to just spit stuff out before I even think of what I am saying.

    As far as the content of your blog and story, it’s all up to you. I pick and choose what I want to digest and so does everyone else. Never try to live up to anyone’s standards. Your own creativity is you, and we all respect that. Or we should.

    But I do look forward to serious discussion. There are so many things that I could and want to share with you directly, but I won’t because I don’t want to affect your opinion and writing creativity in any way. I’m hoping that your story has something in it that affects the hearts, minds and spirits of the world. I read so much and people just seem to miss the point sometimes, but so far you definitely have the ability to connect to the reader which is a great thing. I just read chapter two and honestly, where you take your characters emotionally is just like real life. And writing like that helps many people in ways you may never know. That’s the beauty of being an author- you can do these things without comprimising your own ethics and standards. So stay true to yourself and don’t let us influence this project at all. Your story deserves to be told and heard.

    1. I’m pretty strong willed actually, Dexter, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your thoughts about the story with me. If I feel I’ve captured something right, I’ll stick with it no matter what anyone says. But I do worry about getting things right, of course.

      For example, I spent a lot of time working and reworking the discussion between Nolan and Josh’s Mom about music. I was very worried (and still am) that all of the references to older musical groups would turn off younger readers because I thought it might be hard for kids today to relate to those groups. I mean, it was a different time after all and I certainly don’t claim to understand it myself.

      But the point I was trying to make was that music can indeed be timeless and shared across generations. I think the Biebs is a very talented performer, just like a previous generation felt about an Elton John or a John Lennon. Great musicians change over time. The surf sound of the early Beach Boys was nothing like what came later in their career. Same with the Beatles.

      As for the story itself, the main point I would stress is that Part I is called Innocence Aroused for a reason. Sure, Nolan uses bad language and whines a lot. But, for all his posturing, he is still an innocent boy and the whole theme of Part I is about innocent awakenings. That’s why writing about sex can be very hard. In Part I, I want the sex to be real. But I also want it to be innocent and tender. That’s not all that easy to pull off.

      Later parts of the story are darker, no doubt about it. But it’s a love story, after all, and love has a way of overcoming adversity.

      To be honest, I’m ambivalent about even posting this. I don’t want to get in the way of the reader too much with comments like this. But I’ll leave it up for now, at least overnight.

  4. Don’t worry, music is the gooey power that glues this world together. I recently went on some travels to foreign countries and every nationality of person that I met could all relate on one thing- at some point in their time, music changed their lives. Even the old music, if people today don’t know it, has already had a part in their upbringing. It’s there and timeless as you said.

    I too enjoy everything about music. I am a musician and enjoy anything that makes a sound in a different way. Creativity is soul. I have a soft spot for classical though- and early jazz.

    As for the sex you mention, well I think I just might email you instead of being so public with everything. Hope that’s okay!

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