Still another idea …

So, like I mentioned below, I’m still looking for some pictures to post that would help illustrate the story. I even looked around on the web to find some, but it seems like they want you to pay for images like that.

I’ve been working on Chapter 2 and thinking about a picture I could use to arouse your curiosity about it. There were a couple I was thinking about, but this is the one I finally chose.

california surfin' safari

I could have used some album art from Justin Bieber, Elton John or someone else I suppose. But I thought this better illustrated what Nolan is saying in the next chapter, especially since California dreaming is a recurring theme in the story. In any event, hopefully you’ll understand why I chose this image when you read Chapter 2, which I am still working on.

If stuff like does arouse your curiosity, let me know. If you think it’s just weird, you still have the option of suggesting a medication I should be on.


2 thoughts on “Still another idea …

  1. Just hearing the words “California Dreaming” makes me instantly picture some teens smoking pot in the back of a van on a roadtrip. But I do get the idea to an extent. I’m sure Chapter 2 can paint a better picture. As for chapter one, I had an idea in mind but no pictures really did it justice. Just a scene in my head, which you already described quite well. I’ll try harder next time.

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