Go Bruins!

Okay, so I’m working on Chapter 2 a little this afternoon because I have some free time and I’ll be watching the Bruins play the Canucks later tonight.

Did you hear that Josh? I’ll be rooting for the Bruins tonight, not the Caps, so I’ll be expecting a kiss when the Bruins win 🙂

And as for the rest of you, I may not be around very much the next day or two to moderate any comments you leave. Not that I’m worrying too much about that. Your indifference is deafening. Or at least expected.

In any event, I have a friend visiting who is staying over the next couple of nights. And, no, it’s not what you think.

He’s going to do some computer stuff for me. Yeah, that’s it.

He’s getting me wired up and am I ever wired for that 🙂


6 thoughts on “Go Bruins!

  1. Normally I root for the Washington Capitals so that should you give you some idea, Charlie. But I sure hope Boston gives the Bruins the kind of celebration they deserve.

  2. i’d love to comment on your first chapter but i’m having sever cable problems and still haven’t been able to download it yet, in fact i don’t even know if you will get this! anyway be patient and i will give you my 2 cents worth asap, don’t give up as i am looking forward to a new artists ideas!!! oh and congrats on 4-0 win…

    1. I hope everything works out for you, tom. Sounds like your wiring could use some work too 🙂

      Don’t worry about the comments. It’s a long story so there will be plenty of time to comment

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