Here’s a thought …

I was kind of half awake this morning when this idea came to me and I decided to check it out with you. I was thinking it would be cool if occasionally I could include a link within the story to an image that would illustrate something I am writing about at that particular moment. For example, when I post Chapter 1 tomorrow, I’ll be talking about a farmhouse in Vermont and a lake with a big rock you can dive off of.

I was thinking it would be cool if I could link to a picture of an actual farmhouse or lake. But since I don’t have any really good pictures like that, I was thinking it would be even cooler if you got involved and sent me some pictures if you have one you think fits really good. What do you think?

I don’t want anyone to spend a lot of time on this because I may not end up using any images you send in. But if you’re reading the story and a light goes off in your head and you say to yourself something like, “Boy, do I have the perfect picture of that,” well, feel free to send it along. I’ll give you credit for it if you want. Or not if you don’t. And, like I said, I’m not making any promises. But it seemed kind of cool when the idea came to me.

By the way, I’m not sure whether this would work with the actual characters in my story, at least the main ones. I kind of think I should leave them mostly mysterious so each of you can fill in the details for yourself. But if you have a really strong opinion about what a particular character looks like, feel free to send me a picture. Just make sure it’s decent and fit for posting 🙂

If you think this is the dumbest thing you ever heard of, feel free to suggest some medication you think I should be on 🙂


5 thoughts on “Here’s a thought …

  1. I’m torn on this idea, but leaning toward YES DO IT.

    You see, your creative opinion is important here. You are trying to tell me the reader not only a story, but a complete domination of imagination. So it’s important for your descriptive comments about things to overtake my own imagination.

    If you feel like a picture would paint the portrait better, then I welcome it.

    But if you think it may take away from the creativity in any way at all, then I would warn against it. It is afterall, your story and your creation, so a portrait may not tell the tale as you want it told.

    Just my opinion. By the way, where is the story? I’m growing excited with anticipation! I’ll check back tomorrow.

  2. Umm, thanks, I think 🙂

    But, for crying out loud, Dexter, I’m usually the submissive one 🙂

    I’m not even sure I would know how to dominate your imagination.

    And I certainly can’t do anything at all unless you and the rest of the readers send in images you think really illustrate the story.

    As for the story, it will be along shortly.

  3. Ahh but you already have started in a way. You named your blog with something classy yet mysterious (for me, being an American and having no clue as to what it means). In my imagination, I am already forced to see this place as a quiet, down to earth setting full of people dressed in exotic clothing who discuss the arts of the world without making life too epic to enjoy. And yet I am stuck in awe of such a scene, wondering if I could ever fit in to such a worthy audience. I want to dine here and be accepted as normal in a world of prestigious coffee drinking poets and gormet arts.

    Just trust in yourself to force your way into our minds. Tell each detail as if you were describing it to the blind and hungry. Don’t worry, it’ll come natural as you begin to live in
    your own world and forget this current one.

    Rest assured, I will merrily submit photos of things that you bring my mind to, as long as you feel it is helpful.

  4. Hey just commenting on the initial impression I received. But I just read the description for your story, and began to read the first chapter a few minutes ago.

    So yeah I see what you mean. Just so you know, the description of the characters draw me in already (I have a tendency to predict entire plots based on small details, in a way this is wrong but I love to be surprised) and I look forward to being sucked in to this.

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